Arriving late to the (e-commerce) party

I was in 9th grade when I got my first email address (courtesy of AOL).

I once used Netscape middle school, and remember discovering Google for the first time in college.

I remember when downloading mp3s didn’t seem illegal, and was shocked when my friend’s sister got in trouble.

I remember a time before Apple was a big deal, and just made boxy computers that played Lode Runner. (OK, I was maybe 3 years old, but I remember.)

My point is that I remember a lot of firsts, but was never an early adopter and didn’t hop on bandwagons.

So here I am, contemplating Etsy, years after it became popular, and trying to solve the worst Venn diagram ever to come up with viable product(s):

That yellow circle is killer. My poor, blessedly naive father once offered to buy yarn if I would knit him a sweater, and buy yarn for me to make myself one, too. $400+ later… They’re very nice sweaters, and I did try to warn him, but…

Do you think it’s too late to get a refund on my business school tuition?

The Beatles said it best

I saw this painted on a closed shop in Spain at least ten years ago, and I’m so glad I took a picture.  Sadly, this was early in the digital era and it isn’t terribly high resolution, so once I got done cropping the ugly bits around it, well…

Anyway. Knitting has been an obsession of mine for years.  My mom taught me when I was little, and I picked it up again more seriously in college.  I had the delight my senior year of living with several knit-happy roommates. Our spring break trip was to Prince Edward Island (we’re also in love with Anne) and while there we visited a woolen mill and came home with bales of yarn. I still have some.

One of my favorite projects was the Lady Eleanor stole with some fabulous yarn from Taos,  New Mexico.

ladyeleanorstole3The entrelac pattern was intimidating initially, but once you get the hang of it, really quite easy.  Knotting the fringe, however, nearly did me in.  If you have any form of OCD or perfectionist leanings, beware.

I ended up keeping this project, but most of the time they’re gifts.  I like to think about how much (I hope) someone will enjoy something I’ve made for them (or his/her kid), something that might become a hand-me-down or heirloom someday.  Because all you knit is love.

Babies everywhere

You know that time when all your friends are having kids? As a crafter, the first couple are met with “yay, I’m making a cute blanket!” (I have a rule against sweaters/clothes, since who knows what size those kids will be when they pop out?)

But then, blankets get kind of boring. At least for me. And then I discovered Alan Dart meets Beatrix Potter. Magic.

Sadly, his marvelous Beatrix Potter knitting patterns are lost to time, copyright and an out of print British women’s magazine from decades ago. I managed to find a copy (and pay way too much) on eBay, for Peter as well as Jemima Puddleduck and a few others. I haven’t made them yet, but as I owe a few baby gifts…

I make stuff.

counter (2)If I were more technologically savvy, there would be numerical counters on this page that showed how many projects I am working on simultaneously, how many I have finished, how many are “resting,” and how many are waiting in the wings or are on my wish list.  The numbers would be astounding, but I refuse to be ashamed.

I’m going to use up all my craft supplies before I buy anything else. — No crafter ever

The rest of my life (i.e., work life) is so limited in its creativity–ooh, another PowerPoint slide, goody!–that having outlets in other areas is such a relief and utterly necessary to my well-being.

I dream of a home with a dedicated craft room.  Better yet, a finished basement or attic that takes up the entire floorplan of my future house.  Besides more and better storage, more and bigger tables, my “some day” list also includes a long-arm sewing machine for quilting and a loom for weaving.  Maybe I’ll even learn how to spin my own yarn.

Don’t even get me started on my dream kitchen.  I’ve been living in big city apartments for my entire adult life, so I’ve been conditioned to these awful galley kitchens.   Oh for counter space.  More than one oven.  A walk-in pantry.  A bigger freezer.  Windows.


I dabble in a variety of crafty areas, but textiles are my main focus: most recently sewing, but knitting the longest.  Food-wise, I do a lot of baking, and dabble in canning/preserving.  Photography is really whatever strikes my fancy.  Usually food, or when I’m traveling.