Just add water

This isn’t so much a written post as a semi-annotated photographic one…First, there’s a watercolor of poppies, starting with pencil and ink, then filled in with traditional watercolor.

Second, there’s an in-progress birthday card using brush pens… and then water. Still starting with pencil and ink:

The brush pens have somewhat different color options, but also (IMO) allow more control to start with–helpful, with so many tiny petals. With water and a tiny paintbrush, you can still blend colors and try different saturations.

Giant paper flowers

What else is there to say? There was a lot of modpodge involved.

Okay, there is more to say. First, use heavy paper to hold the shape better. Second, it really helps to have a rolling pin-like object (but narrower in diameter) to curl the petals. I made do with paint brush handles, but they taper, and it became awkward. Third, be sure to use differently shaped petals in different flowers (or the same flower). I found myself drawing the same teardrop-type petal repeatedly, without realizing it, and even then had to force myself to try something else. Fourth, the middle of the flower is hard. I think my favorite one is in the top left photographs, where rolled together mini-petals could just tuck between the inner part of the flower. Lastly, the tutorial I read said to use a hot glue gun. I don’t have one and used Mod Podge instead. It worked just fine.

Odds and ends and bits and bobs–and Modpodge

One of the reasons I like making a collage is that you can use (nearly?) anything. And you can make anything–something abstract and head scratch-inducing, or something with a bit more realism, or anything in between. I kept it relatively simple this time. An old Apple (tech, not fruit) box as a base, and a few catalogs from Pottery Barn and White Flower Farm (gardening). Lots of colors to be found in these types of products!

I started by drawing an outline of the image I wanted to make with my collage on the box, a lotus flower:

Then I started the fun part of tearing out pages from catalogs that had the shades of blue, green, pink and yellow that I might want to use. It was a messy process, and mind you, this photo is from AFTER I started trimming pages and sorting into color piles.

And then the gluing! First the sky and water, then the lotus pad, and then the flower petals. My working theory was moving from least perfect to most perfect pieces, so ultimately the pink flower would cover up any rough edges or weird overlaps from lower layers.

It’s not quite finished, but I think it’s coming along nicely: