New year, new look, new plans…

It turns out that starting a business, even a tiny one, is really hard to do while also moving to another state. My elves went on strike.

While they were on strike, it did give me the chance to reconsider what, exactly, I wanted to be doing craft-wise and potentially Etsy-wise.

You may have noticed a slightly new look to the blog. It describes in broad strokes what I’m interested in making…in some ways, it’s much broader and more experimental than before, and in others a lot more clearly focused.

The shop is on hiatus while I figure more of this out and do some R&D and potion-brewing, so the blog will mostly be about things I’m working on, or aspire to work on, someday.

Stay tuned!

When you don’t know what to do

My hands itch. I want to make something. But not something I’ve already started. Something NEW. Maybe not even something I’ve made before. It’s driving me bananas, because I don’t know what IT is.

It’s times like these that I want a craft laboratory. Someplace stocked with odds and ends that might be useful someday, a day like today that’s made for experimenting.

Or at least has a really big table so I can see all my projects in their entirety at the same time. Which really would be ginormous, considering one is a king-sized quilt. But as long as I’m wishing, the tabletop would also be treated so I could iron on it and use a rotary cutter without damaging it.

But I digress.

What I will not be making today: I had this idea of making gravity blankets for Etsy, but as it turns out they fail the Venn diagram test.

Apparently a gazillion people already recognized an arbitrage opportunity when the original company stupidly priced its (ugly) product at hundreds of dollars.

Hmmm. Maybe something with all the scraps from other projects… we’ll call this Project Frankenstein for now.

I make stuff.

counter (2)If I were more technologically savvy, there would be numerical counters on this page that showed how many projects I am working on simultaneously, how many I have finished, how many are “resting,” and how many are waiting in the wings or are on my wish list.  The numbers would be astounding, but I refuse to be ashamed.

I’m going to use up all my craft supplies before I buy anything else. — No crafter ever

The rest of my life (i.e., work life) is so limited in its creativity–ooh, another PowerPoint slide, goody!–that having outlets in other areas is such a relief and utterly necessary to my well-being.

I dream of a home with a dedicated craft room.  Better yet, a finished basement or attic that takes up the entire floorplan of my future house.  Besides more and better storage, more and bigger tables, my “some day” list also includes a long-arm sewing machine for quilting and a loom for weaving.  Maybe I’ll even learn how to spin my own yarn.

Don’t even get me started on my dream kitchen.  I’ve been living in big city apartments for my entire adult life, so I’ve been conditioned to these awful galley kitchens.   Oh for counter space.  More than one oven.  A walk-in pantry.  A bigger freezer.  Windows.


I dabble in a variety of crafty areas, but textiles are my main focus: most recently sewing, but knitting the longest.  Food-wise, I do a lot of baking, and dabble in canning/preserving.  Photography is really whatever strikes my fancy.  Usually food, or when I’m traveling.