Ack. Priorities.

The list of creative projects I want to do, that are either in progress or not yet started:

  • Rose garden duvet cover (finish)
  • Experimenting with watercolor
  • More doodling with colored pencils and pens
  • RBG cross stitch (finish)
  • Shades of blue and white braided rug (finish)
  • Braided-braided flannel möbius scarf (experiment)
  • Duvet covers for other 3 seasons (summer, fall, winter)
  • Baby quilt gift (way overdue to finish)
  • Decoupage/collage-based images of flowers or other scenes (experiment)
  • Paper or fabric flowers to hang on mobiles (experiment)

Yes, these could take quite some time… especially considering I can’t decide where to start.

Anyway, take this as a list of things you may see popping up here and there as I get going…

All the pretty shapes and colors

Over Christmas, someone delightful let me help with drawing these adorable holiday cards to go with little gift boxes. Picture a crowd of snow people peering in a window. Although I maintain the shape of the window could pass as a hearth, suggesting a caption like, “We’re melting!” (a la “Wizard of Oz”).

She had every drawing utensil known to humanity, AND knew how someone without drawing experience could self-teach in a fun way. Of course, an obsession was born. I got my own little sketch pad and set of colored pencils and pens on our way home.

I’ve been doodling ever since. Great masterpieces they are not, but very relaxing and oddly satisfying. And these won’t explode.