Knitting for babies

Knitting adult garments is one of the least economical crafts ever, between the cost of quality yarn and the sheer time required. However, knitting for babies is perfect! Whether knit toys, adorable tiny garments, or baby blankets, these are perfect gifts to show your love, and perfectly manageable projects.

I fell in love with this Alan Dart design of the class Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit stuffed toy, a gift for my friend’s first baby. Although the patterns are out of print and copyright is tied up in a defunct British women’s magazine from the ’80s, I’ve been slowly acquiring the rest of the collection via eBay.

Before I branched into toys, baby blankets were my go-to gift, with the reasoning that baby wouldn’t really grow out of them, and they would make good hand-me-down/heirlooms. Occasionally, I also do little sweaters, but I tend to worry about how big the baby will be and how quickly s/he will grow, etc. Of course, being the good friend, I always use machine washable yarn!

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