About Me

Hello, friend. I’m Julia, here to share my Makers’ Manifesto. These are my principles of making, my reasons for crafting, why I do what I do, and what inspired From My Two Hands.

If, by chance, you are curious about my website’s logo: it’s a play on my name. The character is my family surname. My Chinese middle name translates to chrysanthemum.

Makers’ Manifesto

So that’s my Manifesto. For now. Naturally, I reserve the right to amend or add to it any particular moment in time. This didn’t come to me as a flash of light, but rather as a reflection on my many years of making, which has steadily consumed my life.

And here we are. I reached a point where I wanted to do something more . This is also where I tell you that my Maker’s Manifesto only applies to the making, it most likely doesn’t apply to any business scenario. That’s where rock and hard place meet.

Have I mentioned I went to business school? I am what is known as a “recovering” consultant. Did I sit myself down and come up with a business plan? A plan for marketing and using social media? No. Did I decide to just go for it and do the things I felt like doing when I felt like doing them? Yes, of course. So I started a blog almost a year ago. My concept for it has changed more than once, as have my ideas for potentially–to use consultant speak–“monetizing” my obsessive hobby. I believe this may be version 4?

I could go back and erase the past posts, start fresh–but that doesn’t feel right. So you’ll see the blog, the discontinuities and gaps in timeline, the changes in focus, my stream of consciousness, the change in style and aesthetics.

What can I say? That’s me. And I’m making.