Giant paper flowers

What else is there to say? There was a lot of modpodge involved.

Okay, there is more to say. First, use heavy paper to hold the shape better. Second, it really helps to have a rolling pin-like object (but narrower in diameter) to curl the petals. I made do with paint brush handles, but they taper, and it became awkward. Third, be sure to use differently shaped petals in different flowers (or the same flower). I found myself drawing the same teardrop-type petal repeatedly, without realizing it, and even then had to force myself to try something else. Fourth, the middle of the flower is hard. I think my favorite one is in the top left photographs, where rolled together mini-petals could just tuck between the inner part of the flower. Lastly, the tutorial I read said to use a hot glue gun. I don’t have one and used Mod Podge instead. It worked just fine.

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