So many hats…

To be perfectly clear:  I do not make hats.  Well, I occasionally knit hats.  But these are metaphorical hats.  As in, I am wearing all of them, such as the:

  • Accounting and finance hat
  • Procurement and inventory hat
  • Graphic design hat
  • Laundry hat (running out to the ATM so I can pre-wash fabrics)
  • Market research hat
  • Pricing hat
  • Social media hat
  • Product design hat
  • “Manufacturing” hat
  • Cleaning, storage and organization hat

I do not enjoy some of these hats.  I seem to need an Executive Function hat, one that says “take off that graphic design hat and put on the accounting hat.”  It was quite fun (and a time sink) to design those little business/branding cards you get in an Etsy package.  Perhaps not as immediately useful as recording all the fabric and accessories I’ve been ordering.  Not to mention actually creating items.

My apartment is FILLED to the rafters (if I had rafters) with holiday fabric.  It is everywhere, on nearly every conceivable surface as they await their laundry experience (in plastic zip bags for protection from the vicious four-legged creatures who also live here).  Have I mentioned my need for storage?

It’s Thursday, September 27.  I won’t name today’s soundtrack, just say that it’s very upsetting and it’ll take a lot of crafting to get through it.

If you are U.S. citizen, please be sure to register to vote.  Every vote counts.

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