Arriving late to the (e-commerce) party

I was in 9th grade when I got my first email address (courtesy of AOL).

I once used Netscape middle school, and remember discovering Google for the first time in college.

I remember when downloading mp3s didn’t seem illegal, and was shocked when my friend’s sister got in trouble.

I remember a time before Apple was a big deal, and just made boxy computers that played Lode Runner. (OK, I was maybe 3 years old, but I remember.)

My point is that I remember a lot of firsts, but was never an early adopter and didn’t hop on bandwagons.

So here I am, contemplating Etsy, years after it became popular, and trying to solve the worst Venn diagram ever to come up with viable product(s):

That yellow circle is killer. My poor, blessedly naive father once offered to buy yarn if I would knit him a sweater, and buy yarn for me to make myself one, too. $400+ later… They’re very nice sweaters, and I did try to warn him, but…

Do you think it’s too late to get a refund on my business school tuition?

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