Preserving the end of summer—literally

If you’ve never had roasted peach butter, you haven’t really lived. I say that with all sincerity and hyperbole. There’s a fabulous recipe in the aptly titled, “Food in Jars.”

I discovered the world of canning through a college roommate, who has also been known to make her own kimchee. In my experience, it is in no way economically justifiable, but oh my goodness is it delicious! I’ve stuck to non-pectin recipes, but there are still so many. I adore access to tartfully amazing rhubarb butter year-round, made exactly how I like it. It’s fantastic on yogurt, ice cream, toast, muffins, brioche, oatmeal…

I keep trying to make a delicious recipe based on roasted cherry tomatoes, but I always end up snacking on them before the canning stage.

Also on my “some day” list (along with near infinite counter space) is a ginormous backyard where I can have both food and flower gardens, as well as room for the pup to run free.


She aspires to the #offleashlife. I aspire to be successful enough to give it to her 🙂.

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