Ode to stone fruit

Oh how I love thee.  When you are delicious.

Isn’t it so disappointing when you have what look like gorgeously beautiful peaches, plums, or whatever, you bite into one, and it’s all mealy?  Blech.

Thankfully, that’s not what happened.  I do feel a little bad baking fruit that is SO GOOD fresh, but on the other hand, I’d feel worse baking fruit that wasn’t good.

This rustic plum tart from Epicurious was so amazing.  Messy, juicy, flavorful, “tart” (ha!) and sweet.  It’s going to be gone very, very, quickly, and I’m not taking it to the office.

Someday, I will have a kitchen with so much counter space, I can leave appliances sitting out, instead of always packing them up, back up for storage.  I’m thinking of you, Mr. Food Processor, Ms. Stand Mixer, and Mr. Crockpot.   Since I switched to a Chemex, not even a coffee machine gets to live on my itty bitty counters.  Mr. Toaster is getting lonely.



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