When you live in a tiny New York apartment

fabricWould you believe there’s a dining chair and part of a table beneath all of that fabric?  These piles represent four quilts in progress–crib, child/twin, and two king-sized.  You can’t actually see the crib quilt, but trust me, it’s under there.  It’s also in its final mile of binding, which is about when I typically lose interest.

Not shown in this photo is another pile of fabric that is part of my foray into braided rugs.  One rug is currently about 2 feet in diameter, with about 4 feet of braided “tail,” and I’ve already started conceptualizing a new braid-based project.  I really need more space.

stuffyoumissedSide note: I highly recommend the podcast, “Stuff You Missed In History Class.”  It’s hilarious and educational and an all around good time.  I binge-listen while I sew, as unlike knitting, I can’t watch television at the same time.  They’ve even done an episode about the “Early History of Knitting.”

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